Dublin and Luxembourg rivals link up

A formal alliance between niche Dublin investment fund firm Dillon Eustace and Luxembourg’s Arendt & Medernach has just been announced.

Both firms are highly rated for investment fund work and have formed an alliance despite the popular conception that the jurisdictions are in direct competition.

Dillon Eustace partner Andrew Bates says: “Many people in the past have regarded Luxembourg and Ireland as competitors, but we see them as complementary. We have recognised the potential of offering a service in both jurisdictions and with the alliance in place we can offer a wider European service.”

Arendt & Medernach partner Claude Niedner says: “The pan-European investor will normally go to either Luxembourg or Ireland, because they are the attractive jurisdictions. This is due to a mixture of existing expertise in the centres, flexible regulations and a tax environment that is not prohibitive.”

The move follows the opening of Dillon Eustace’s Japanese office, which was the first to be opened by an Irish firm.

The Dublin and Luxembourg firms have already begun a crossover of staff.