CC targets international public law from NY base

Clifford Chance is setting up an international public law capability in New York headed by partner Rae Lindsay.

London-based Lindsay will move to New York in January. The new department will liaise with Washington-based international corporate and trade partners Dale Turza and Ryan Trainer.

The link-up between the London, New York and Washington offices strengthens Clifford Chance’s multi-jurisdictional capability in the field.

Lindsay says: “Clients are beginning to recognise the importance of international law because problems move across jurisdictions and this is why we will be working more closely with the Washington and London offices.”

Clifford Chance’s clients include the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations, foreign governments, the US Department of Justice and major international financial institutions. Lindsay recently represented the Kuwait Oil sector which was seeking compensation from Iraq after the Gulf War at the United Nations Compensation Commission (The Lawyer, 2 October).

She says: “The main focus of the department will be international public law but there are a lot of other international opportunities in the US. There is a lot of overlap between trade, public law, corruption and fraud.”

There will be further recruitment but the existing team of five comprises of Lindsay, assistant Virginia Daley and three New York-based lawyers, who have not yet been named. Lindsay says that after the department has bedded in, she will consider lateral hires.

Lindsay has also launched a website aimed at informing multinational corporations and other organisations seeking advice on sanctions for the purposes of engaging in international trade.

She says: “There are huge amounts of inconsistent regulations between the US and Europe. Compliance used to be a nightmare but we have made it simple for clients.”

Clifford Chance is continuing to boost the number of dual qualified lawyers by giving all assistants the opportunity to gain dual qualification if they spend a year in the US.