Litigation Personal Injury 12/12/95

Maitland-Walker v Seventh Dial and Mothercare UK – QBD 20 November 199Claimant: Oliver Maitland-Walker, 7

Accident: Serious burns after 'Moses Basket' supposed to be fireproof was set alight when child's sister dropped lighted match into it

Injuries: Claimant received extensive burns to head, face, shoulders and arms; total burns covered around 30 per cent of his total body surface area; admitted to hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, where accident happened; underwent five operations including debridement of skin on upper left arm and shoulder; fourth and fifth fingers of left hand surgically amputated; underwent full excision of skin on face and forehead and partial debridement of right ear and total excision of left ear down to the conchal hollow; plaintiff severely and permanently scarred and disfigured; hair only grows on a fifth of his scalp; areas of skin are unstable with ulcerated areas

Award: £280,000 (agreed


Judge: Mr Justice Waterhouse

Plaintiff's solicitor: Peter James & Co, London

Defendant's solicitors: Beachcroft Stanleys, London

McKoy v British Midland Airways – QBD 20 November 1995

Claimant: Stephen McKoy, 23

Accident: Injuries received in British Midland Airways Kegworth disaster 198Injuries: Claimant received severe open head injury with compound comminuted depressed fracture of skull, laceration of dura matter and severe damage of underlying brain; in addition to damage to right side of brain also generalised damage throughout brain; operation carried out to remove bone fragments from dead brain; has been left mainly confined to wheelchair though he makes use of walking aids; has spastic paresis in left arm and leg; does not have easily intelligible speech; understands what is said to him and recent memory good but distant memory nil; will always remain severely disabled both physically and mentally; intermittent problems with control of bladder and bowels likely; employment prospects very limited; before accident he was normal teenager with interests in physical activity and had played football at competitive level

Award: £1,425,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Mr Justice Gage

Plaintiff's solicitors: PA Duff & Co, Belfast