Litigation Disciplinary Tribunals 12/12/95

Alexander George Mitchell, admitted 1985, struck off in April 1989, re-admitted to Roll. Mitchell struck off after allegations substantiated he misappropriated money from estate of deceased client, wrongly drew and used client money, failed to account to partners for work done by him on behalf of partnership. At time of striking off Mitchell was salaried partner in firm at Chichester. He was said to have been a compulsive gambler and to have admitted taking a total of £7,600. Tribunal said the president of Sussex law society had met with Mitchell and been impressed with attempts made to rehabilitate himself. It was clear he should enjoy an "honourable and successful career as a solicitor" and was unlikely to transgress again.

Peter Malcolm Chapman, 50, admitted 1969, practised with Denham Foxon & Watchorn and latterly as Chapmans, Leicester, struck off and ordered to pay £3,069 costs.

Allegations substantiated he dishonestly or improperly misappropriated client funds and used them for own purposes, brought his former employers into breach of accounting rules, acted in breach of his duty of good faith to his former employers. Chapman previously before tribunal in 1988 and suspended after allegations substantiated he wrongly drew money from client account, improperly falsified accounting records or caused them to be falsified, and deceitfully obtained funds advanced by a bank to bridge finance for clients for his own benefit.

Philip Graham Rees, 45, admitted 1977, practised in partnership with Bowen-Rees-Jones, Risca, Gwent, fined £2,000 and ordered to pay £669 costs. Allegations substantiated he failed to file or unreasonably delayed filing of accountants report in relation to his practice.

Lesley Dixon, solicitors' clerk, working at material time for Oxley & Coward at its Doncaster and Rotherham offices, banned from working for further solicitors without consent of Law Society and ordered to pay £1,351 costs. Allegations substantiated she forged an affidavit in divorce proceedings.