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Startup Series – II – Building Your Company

I. INTRODUCTION TO BUILDING COMPANY FOR STARTUPS In the first article of our startup series, we have mentioned crowdfunding, which is a contemporary and interesting topic, and dwelled on the conditions of using crowdfunding as an alternative financing source in your company. For the second article of our series, we want to turn our course back a little bit, to the period when your ideas and your startup are slowly maturing. One of the most important questions in mind during the initial period when there is no legal entity yet when there is just you and perhaps your partner, your opinion and effort are undoubtedly “Will we establish a company?”

Why now is the time for a first-class outsourced switchboard

Where others see obstacles, let us see opportunities. Now we are starting to move back into our offices, we’re all looking for ways to make improvements and savings. Especially with additional measures in place to receive staff and visitors. Here is how outsourcing your switchboard can greatly improve your front of house team. And ultimately, your firm’s operations.

Employers should prepare for long-term changes to the world of work

There are of course many negatives arising from the crisis presented by COVID-19. However, there could be real benefits for businesses and their staff if we take some of the opportunities that have been presented and do not just look to revert to the old ways of doing things.


What's on

With around 2,000 lawyers from 100 countries attending the IBA’s Section on Business Law conference in Paris this month, the organisers have put together a diverse programme. The conference will be opened by Robert Badinter, president du Conseil Constitutionnel, and followed by a plenary session on cross cultural co-operation and communication. The Channel Tunnel project […]

I am the law

Third millennium, Mega City One. Judge Dredd and his Lawgiver, a gun genetically programmed to recognise his hand and controlled by his voice, dispense what passes for justice in a savage, overcrowded metropolis. Lawbreakers are arrested, tried and sentenced on the street. There are no courtrooms, only prisons, and citizens have no right of appeal. […]

Pension review deadline looms

The Law Society is urging firms which were involved in pensions transfers and opt-outs to ensure they meet the interim end of year deadline to review such cases. The firms are required by the SIB to investigate such cases following the pensions debacle where large numbers of clients were wrongly advised to transfer or opt […]

Tales from the scripts

Behind every legal screenplay lies a legal eagle who attempts to mould artistic creativity into legal dictum. And out there in the audience lurks a gaggle of beady-eyed lawyers waiting to pounce on any errors which slip through the net. Kavanagh QC proved such a case. The highly acclaimed series had one little legal error […]

Thug waged grudge war on solicitor

A SOLICITOR received threatening letters and telephone calls and had his car and home vandalised during a two-year hate campaign by a man with a mystery grudge. Richard Thornton, a partner with Leamington firm Blythe Liggins, received a stream of hate mail. The persecutor also daubed Thornton’s house in Warwick and his car with anti-semitic […]

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