Bevan Ashford picks MDI for network

Helen Sage reports

Bevan Ashford has selected SCSI-Express software and CD-ROM drives from Micro Design International to supply partners with electronically stored reference material on its Novell 4.1 NetWare system.

The system, located in the firm's Bristol office, already serves 30 lawyers as well as researchers in Bristol. Researchers in London are supported using a kilostream link, while staff in Cardiff and Plymouth have access to the main system using megastreams. Bevan Ashford plans to add its four other offices to the network in the near future.

The firm will use CDs which include statutory instruments, weekly law reports, supreme court practice and HMSO health and safety information.

SCSI Express 2.0 provides a workstation-based laun-cher which allows the network administrator to combine CD-ROMs as groups and set up CD-ROM applications for use from individual workstations. Users are shown a list of CD-ROM applications they can execute, eliminating the need to map drive letters or run complicated setup procedures.