Property special report

Property special reportThe lack of liquidity in the commercial housing market of late has piqued the interest of developers in Government-backed schemes – from shared equity initiatives to major infrastructure projects.

Some commentators have argued that schemes such as the proposed eco-towns offer developers a free hand, but the level of community resistance means that this is pretty far from the truth.

Such resistance is hardly surprising, argues Lovells planning partner Claire Dutch in the first special report this week. For despite the Government’s stated aim of increasing community participation and simplifying the planning process, consultation has in practice been curbed and the system become more convoluted.

If projects such as eco-towns are a long way off, foreign investors may offer a much-needed injection of liquidity into the UK market, says Herbert Smith partner Simon Price. In the second report, Price addresses common concerns about the influx of foreign capital, Price claims that a small group of firms will be best placed to take advantage of it.

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