Tarlo Lyons is facing a sexual discrimination claim from former corporate partner Sarah Collins, who left the firm earlier this year.
Collins, who gave birth to a daughter last month, was made redundant at the start of 2003 after five years as a salaried partner at the firm. She was notified of the redundancy at the end of January and, after working her notice, left in May. Collins lodged a claim with the Employment Tribunal on 10 July, claiming her dismissal was directly linked to the announcement of her pregnancy.
Tarlos is yet to lodge its defence, although it applied to the Tribunal last week for an extension. This expires on Friday (15 August).
Joint managing partner Warren Foot refused to comment on the circumstances of the case. He did confirm that a claim had been made and stated that the proceedings would be “vigorously” defended. “The firm’s position is that there is no merit to them whatsoever,” he said.