The press gang

Lawyers get few chances to make their name in the press, which is why they often grab it with both hands when one comes along. Thankfully.

Cherie Booth QC managed a huge 347 mentions in the press over the past 12 months, beating every other barrister and solicitor for the third year running. (See story). But we’re guessing her coverage owed something to her activities beyond her practice.

Husband Tony probably managed even more press mentions, what with the war and all.

For next year’s survey, The Lawyer’s money is on Finers Stephens Innocent partner Mark Stephens to take Booth’s crown.

He came fifth this year with 73 mentions just by being a general media luvvie. That’s as many as the solicitor for Marina Litvinenko, the widow of the former Russian spy murdered in London. David Childs, managing partner of the world’s biggest law firm Clifford Chance, came just 20th. Stephens doesn’t even have a celebrity spouse.

Good luck for next year, Mark, here’s a quick mention to get the ball rolling.