Olswang attempts to reposition as corporate firm

Olswang attempts to reposition as corporate firm” />Olswang is attempting to distance itself from its technology, media and telecoms (TMT) boutique roots, launching a six-month marketing campaign in a bid to achieve its goal.

The campaign, which features Tube advertising at London Bridge Station, will aim to underline what the firm feels is its depth and breadth.

In particular, Olswang hopes to attract corporate lawyers. In recent years it has also added a significant capability in real estate.

Olswang senior partner Mark Devereux said corporate has been the firm’s largest group for more than 10 years.

“It’s a critical and fundamental part of the business and this campaign underlines our commitment to it,” said Devereux.

Olswang’s corporate team currently houses 22 partners and contributes around 35 per cent of turnover.

Jonathan Glass of recruitment consultancy Glass said the campaign was an attempt by Olswang to cement its credentials as a mature, mid-market real estate and corporate firm.

“It will be looking to attract real high-flying corporate partners, but it’s a real toughie,” said Glass. “That’s what everyone’s after, and those guys don’t move very often.”