Booby Birds take flight

Any golfers up at St Andrews at around noon last Saturday (8 September) might have caught a glimpse of Lloyds TSB Scotland’s head of legal Karina McTeague drifting gently back to earth.

McTeague, her parachute and 19 other high-profile women jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet for breast cancer charity Booby Birds, raising around £400,000 in five minutes.

McTeague told Tulkinghorn the week before that she wasn’t nervous about the jump as, she said, “I tend not to sit and vex about things I can’t do anything about”.

She was, however, delighted to learn that Tulkinghorn’s mole, who informed him originally about the event, had benefited personally, at least in the wardrobe department.
Burness senior partner Philip Rodney had been at the Booby Birds’ gala dinner in Edinburgh the week before, at which there had been a charity auction. Rodney, as ever a good sport, stuck up his hand and a minute later found himself the proud owner of one of Kylie Minogue’s T-shirts.

“He just looks lovely in it, I’m sure,” quipped McTeague.
Booby Birds is still looking for donations, so if you would like to contribute to what is a very worthy cause, go to www.boobybirds.