Men thin on ground at Latimer Hinks

Darlington firm Latimer Hinks has run short of male lawyers. The firm hit local headlines when it was revealed that it has been employing only female fee-earners.

For the past 18 months male lawyers have been hard to come by. Out of a fee-earning contingent of 10, the trusts and probate department has only a single male.
Partner Anne Elliott said: “I think it has reflected the trend that more women are applying to our practice than men. When I joined the firm 25 years ago, I was the only female fee-earner and one of only three [female] solicitors in Darlington as a whole.”
Numbers among fee-earners may place women in the majority, but within the partnership just two of the seven partners are female. It is likely to take a while for the gender spread seen at the lower level to filter up to the partnership.