Greed is good – for nothing

Many readers will have heard of a website in the US named Greedy Associates. As its name suggests, it keeps visitors up to date on the latest gossip on salary hikes, even going so far as to criticise those firms that just aren't keeping up in the salary war.
But these bullying tactics may have backfired for the associates at one East Coast US firm. The firm's managing partner had been using the website to watch the developments at other firms. After witnessing his rivals increasing their pay packets, he called his management team together to agree their own improved package for the following year.
Unfortunately, just as said package was agreed, the website ran out of patience and called on the firm to stop messing about and match their rivals' offerings. Said managing partner was so aggrieved at such bullying that he changed his mind and at the last minute cancelled the increase altogether.
Take that you greedy associates. Perhaps The Lawyer should send him Fiona Callister's recent column that has become such an essential management tool to partners at the big City firms, who use it as a stick to beat their whingeing associates with (The Lawyer, 3 September).