8 New Sq loses £2m cases to 11 South Sq

Following the promotion of 8 New Square’s David Kitchin QC to the bench, his former chambers has lost the majority of his £2m caseload to fierce rival 11 South Square.

As Mr Justice Kitchin gave his welcoming speech in court on Tuesday (4 October), his former chambers scrabbled around to try to keep a grip on his caseload, but appears to have lost out. The bulk of his diary for the next year has shifted to 11 South Square, with chambers head Christopher Floyd QC picking up most of the work.

“It’s a seismic shift in power from 8 New Square to 11 South Square,” commented an IP solicitor.

Floyd will now appear in Baxter v Abbott Laboratories and Schwartz v Pfizer in March 2006, instructed by Bird & Bird and Bristows respectively. Both cases were previously handled by Kitchin.

Fellow 11 South Square tenant Henry Carry QC has also benefited from Kitchin’s promotion, taking on Ivax v Chugai for Bristows. An additional four cases are understood to have shifted to 11 South Square, and 3 New Square has also picked up one case, Sandoz v Birst.
8 New Square’s clerk John Call said the set had retained at least four cases but had lost some. Martyn Nicholls, a clerk at 11 South Square, said: “The work is a fantastic spin-off for us. The appointment of David Kitchin is welcomed by all who practise at the IP bar.”

Kitchin follows other illustrious 8 New Square tenants to the High Court, including Sir Hugh Laddie and current Court of Appeal judge Lord Justice Jacob.