The saké of auld lang syne

As he may have mentioned, Tulkinghorn is partial to a fine brandy or a drop of port. That said, his tastes are very much old school European. Not so SimmonsCooperAndrew.

The London-based litigation boutique prefers saké, the extremely intoxicating Japanese rice wine.

So much so, in fact, that SimmonsCooperAndrew partner Darren Hanison helped found the British Saké Association. And the firm has actually let the newly formed association use its Shoe Lane address as its registered head office.

The association’s stated aims are: to promote the understanding and enjoyment of saké; to promote the correct keeping, serving and drinking of saké; to widen the scope of saké drinking by pairing it with non-Japanese food; to strengthen and preserve the tradition of saké-making in Japan; to recognise excellence by the presentation of annual awards; and to act as a conduit between Britain and Japan.

So if you’re ever invited to one of their client dos, Tulkinghorn suggests you accept their kind invitation.