The new power generation

Tulkinghorn is about as environmentally friendly as possible, seeing as he only leaves the comfort of his leather armchair to fill his brandy glass. Methane emissions are still a problem though.

But he observes with interests the efforts of law firms to reduce their carbon footprint and considers them all too eager to prove their green credentials despite the huge amounts of paper and electricity they churn through on a daily basis.

As such, Tulkinghorn shuddered to see ecological one-upmanship reach new extremes this week with the arrival of an invite to possibly the world’s first ‘green tie’ event.

The New Energy Awards, run by Rosenblatt Solicitors, eschewed the luxuries of the modern world like electric lighting. Instead the ballroom was lit by hundreds of candles and guests were taken home by rickshaw.

Tulkinghorn presumes that the people manning the rickshaws full of Rosenblatt’s champagne-quaffing clients in the early hours took heart from the fact that they were doing their bit to hold back climate change.

Music was provided by live steel and salsa bands rather than a power-guzzling sound system, while the stage was constructed to resemble unspoilt beaches, jungles and seascapes.

All very worthy, but Tulkinghorn is still not convinced about the green tie.