Called to the bar

We’ve all been there. You’re entertaining clients at a country hotel and the bar is about to close, but the nearest nightclub is miles away. It’s an awkward situation. Tulkinghorn generally resorts to his hip flask in such desperate times, filled to the brim with Brandy Alexander.

The same cannot be said of one partner who found the closing of the bar so unwelcome that he decided to get behind the wheel of a 4×4 and tear around the hotel grounds like a boy racer in a car park.

One of Tulkinghorn’s keyboard jockeys heard that said partner was “raving drunk” and proceeded to leave skid marks all over the immaculate lawn. Hotel workers were reportedly so shocked that they called the firm’s management to demand an explanation.

Tulkinghorn applauds the work of the partner in question – it will no doubt teach the hotel to keep its bar open just that little bit longer in future when lawyers are in town.