Separated at birth A best-friends alliance?

Long-time Allen & Overy client Philip Green has been stirring up Anglo-Irish relations in the run-up to every Guinness drinkers' favourite holiday, St Patrick's Day.

The Guardian reported last week that Mr Green said of its financial editor Paul Murphy: “He can't read English. Mind you, he is a fººking Irishman.” Later he reportedly corrected himself, adding: “Some of my best friends are Irish…”

Hasn't Mr Green overlooked the fact that A&O's senior partner Guy Beringer hails from the island of Ireland, albeit it from the Northern part?

And how many other Irish lawyers from both sides of the divide ply their trade at A&O? We asked A&O for a response, but the firm was keeping its head down.

The Guardian reported that Mr Green was “forced to offer an unreserved apology to the Irish in a bid to prevent a customer boycott.” Perhaps he should offer his lawyers the same.