Tackling Beckham late

Lawyers. Bless them. Always first with the news. As almost everyone knows – including Mrs Tulkinghorn, who is anything but a football fan – David Beckham has signed a new contract with Manchester United that will see his earnings rocket from £26,000 to £90,000 a week. That contract was signed – and plastered all over the national press – almost a month ago, but the football club's law firm, James Chapman & Co, has only just got round to sending a press release confirming its involvement in this historic deal. No matter, though, since on this occasion Tulkinghorn is happy to retell an old story just to be able to publish a picture of the wonderful Beckham. (Just one caveat, mind: since one is writing this before the England v Argentina game, one is assuming that one still holds the mercurial Beckham in high esteem.)
Incidentally, a slightly less well-known fact is that just as Beckham was signing his contract, James Chapman senior partner and Manchester United non-executive director Maurice Watkins was selling 455,500 shares at 120p, leaving him with a mere six million shares, or a 2.3 per cent stake. No wonder he's smiling.