Mugged by mail

On your average working day, Tulkinghorn would be delighted to receive the latest news from Kingsfords Solictors, but not this time – and through no fault of the firm.
It had nothing to do with the fact that the news was not especially exciting, pertaining to two partner promotions (yawn); it was more that Tulkinghorn had to pay for the press release. Yes, ghastly isn't it? It seems Kingsfords' PR agency, Adams Creative, has been going in for a little bit of economising, falling short by six pence on the cost of postage. Together with the handling fee, Tulkinghorn (out of his own pocket, you must understand) stumped up a full 56p only to find that the news was simply that Jenny and John have both joined the partnership.
You can understand his disappointment – this is after all the first time that Tulkinghorn has had to pay for the news. While it may not be on the scale of Benjamin Pell or News of the Screws, it was as close as Tulkinghorn will ever come to such covert operations. His message to Adams Creative after such a disappointing experience is simply this: the invoice is in the post.