ADR Chambers sets up overseas

In an unprecedented move for the Bar, Taunton-based ADR Chambers is opening two fully staffed overseas offices with full-time tenants

It has set up offices in Hong Kong and Dublin, and plans to open further sites in France by October, and in Australia and the West Indies soon after.
The move goes well beyond steps previously made by other UK-based sets. Brick Court Chambers operates in Warsaw, Poland, in association with a local law firm. It also has an annexe in Brussels, but this is not staffed full-time and tenants use it while visiting the city.
The London chambers of Roger Henderson QC at 2 Harcourt Buildings also has an association with European law firm Stanbrook & Hooper in Brussels, which operates under the banner of Stanbrook & Henderson.
In contrast, ADR Chambers has full-time staff and tenants in its Hong Kong and Dublin offices. In England, it has 93 members and is comprised of retired Law Lords and other members of the judiciary and senior barristers.
Last October, the set introduced a clerking system in Taunton servicing 16 tenants who work full-time out of the chambers and the remainder who are based outside it.
Part-time members include the likes of Michel Kallipetis QC, head of Littleton Chambers, and Ian Glick QC of One Essex Court. Senior barrister Jonathan Dingle is the set's executive director, equivalent to a head of chambers.
The set rents hundreds of properties from Regus in 53 countries worldwide. They are permanently available for members to carry out arbitrations and mediations.
It plans to rent a further 15 in eight countries over the next 15 months.