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Why you might be accepting fake news without realising it

Do you believe everything you see? No matter how discerning or intelligent you are, we are all pre-programmed to be more accepting of information in certain contexts than others. While most of us are wise to the ‘Nigerian prince’ phishing scams of old, we are less likely to question an email from someone we know. We might question news on a website we’ve never seen before – but not in a publication we know well. And if we follow somebody high-profile on a social media platform we’re familiar with, like Instagram, chances are we take what they say at face value. It’s precisely because of this that mainstream media recently described influencer and celebrity accounts as ‘the gateway drug to fake news’.

Coronavirus: Impact of exceptional and temporary measures on enforcement proceedings [Portugal]

A number of exceptional measures have been introduced in the justice sector. These measures are set out in Law 1-A/2020 of 18 March and Decree‑Law 10-A/2020 of 13 March (as amended by Law 4-A/2020 of 6 April). The measures include exceptional rules on the extension of time limits and of the periods to take judicial steps. The rules will remain in place until the end of the exceptional situation to prevent, contain, mitigate and treat COVID-19.


Personnel services

As more and more lawyers move firms, personnel departments are employing the services of independent careers consultants in a last-ditch attempt to retain staff. Alison Clarke reports There was a time when it was virtually unknown for lawyers to leave the firm where they trained and even more unusual for them to leave the profession […]

Money can’t buy you…..

Bright red waistcoats, polka dot braces, yellow bowties, multi-colour bowties, were all shown to their full offensiveness in Tulkinghorn’s review of The Lawyer Awards (3 July). Perhaps it should be shown to those who have been griping in the national press about the size of lawyers’ pay packets. It would conclusively prove that money does […]


Linklaters & Alliance advised Lend Lease on the launch of the Lend Lease Overgate Partnership. The partnership, which includes Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund, BG Group Pension Scheme, Morley Properties and NFU Mutual Insurance Society, has committed £137m to purchasing the Dundee-based Overgate shopping and leisure centre. Linklaters real estate partners Martin Elliott and Elizabeth […]

Salary hikes out of ocntrol

I am head of legal for a medium size manufacturing company which exports the majority of its output. With a large share of those exports going to euroland, we are being forced to economise just to keep people in jobs. How heartening it is that the likes of Macfarlanes and Biddle feel able to award […]

Book Review

The Soul at Work by Roger Lewin and Birute Regine, published by Orion ISBN0752811851 People are notoriously difficult things. They are unpredictable, difficult to manage and the most complex bit of any business. Even with quantum leaps in artificial intelligence and expert systems, law firms still need them. Clients expect them and the best ones […]

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