It’s been a good week for

Liz Abbott, a blind teacher who received £60,000 in damages after an employment tribunal ruled that her school broke the law by failing to provide a classroom assistant to help her. The tribunal hearing in Stratford, east London, found that St Mary’s Roman Catholic primary school in Chingford had breached the Disability Discrimination Act and the Employment Rights Act 1996 by failing to ensure that Abbott was provided with “reasonable adjustments” so she could perform her job.

The McLibel Two (above). Dave Morris and Helen Steel, who spent three years in court defending themselves against McDonald’s, accepted £10,000 in an out of court settlement with the Metropolitan Police. Morris and Steel had accused the police of giving out information which included their addresses to the fast food chain.

Prosecuting counsel. The Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, who has announced plans to raise fees to defence levels. Prosecuting counsel fees have been up to 34 per cent lower than defence fees.

Germaine Greer. A student who was obsessed with the writer and academic and who attacked her and held her prisoner in her own home was placed on probation for two years. The student also had to submit to a two-year restraining order banning her from contacting Greer or going within five miles of her home. Karen Burke, 19, was pestering Greer for months before the attack.