Stenography and the law

The British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR) would draw to the attention of London law firms that they are unwittingly breaching Section 25 (1) of the Immigration Act 1971 when they assist in making arrangements for searching or facilitating the entry into the UK of American stenographers to engage in court reporting or the taking of depositions without a work permit.

A ruling has been given by the Immigration and Nationality Department that in these circumstances court reporters from overseas would be engaged in productive work here and as such would require work permits obtained prior to admission.

The Home Secretary has already taken steps to see that the UK Embassy posts in the US are aware of the position and the Immigration Service in the UK is ever vigilant to prevent the illegal entry of those who are not in possession of a valid work permit.

There are sufficient highly qualified British stenographers who are available to provide the services which US attorneys require.

Virginia Wason

British Institute of Verbatim Reporters

61 Carey Street