No thanks to UK attorneys

I trust the Law Society will vigorously oppose the Guildford College of Law proposal to introduce the title of "attorney" for persons who do not qualify as barristers or solicitors but provide services as legal advisers or paralegals.

To refer to "US-style attorneys" is misleading, since the title "attorney at law" originates in England. I believe there are many solicitors who consider the 1973 reformers got it wrong when they discarded the title in favour of "solicitor" and who would like the profession to revert to the former title.

Incidentally, I recall the Law Society objected strongly when Chartered Patents Agents here proposed adopting "attorney" in place of "agent". That was some time ago, but I have seen at least one letterhead recently on which the title appears.

Gordon Ross

550 White Hart Lane

London N17 7RQ.