Masonic lawyers speak out

THIRTY-TWO serving or retired judges were named as freemasons last week in a study of the latest handbook produced by the organisation's leaders.

They were identified in an analysis of the 1995 Masonic Year Book carried out by the Labour Research trade unionists' group.

The research was published as leading members of the legal profession told The Lawyer their reasons for becoming members of 'The Craft'.

Senior figures such as Lord Justice Millett and Sir John Welch, property partner with law firm Wedlake Bell, gave their views in lengthy interviews with The Lawyer.

They defended freemasonry against claims that it is a sinister secret society and gave frank views on the forthcoming parliamentary investigation into the practice.

Among the myths they claim have developed is the belief that they all know each other. The attractions they cite include the amateur dramatics involved in lodge meetings.

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