Litigation Personal Injury 07/11/95

Chute v St Aubyn – QBD 20 October 1995

Claimant: Julia Mary Susan Chute, 4Accident: Housewife and mother, received severe burns after methylated spirit caused barbecue to flare up

Injuries: Extensive burns to arms, hands, abdomen, chest, neck, lower face and forehead, estimated at 21 per cent of total body surface area. Treated first with analgesia and intravenous fresh frozen plasma. Became apyrexial, delirious and hallucinated, developed toxic confusional state for which she was successfully treated with antibiotics. Left with permanent scarring of neck, chest, arms, hands and legs and has had to give up swimming, tennis, aerobics and riding. She is unable to manage housework in way she used to or look after children as she did before accident.

Award: £454,771

Judge: Mr Justice Tucker

Plaintiff's solicitors: Warner & Richardson (Winchester)

Defendant's solicitors: Hextall Erskine & Co (London)

Sheridan v Greenwich Health Authority – QBD 20 October 1995

Claimant: Jamie Sheridan

Accident: Cerebral palsy caused by alleged medical negligence at birth.

Injuries: Hemiplegic cerebral palsy with spastic weakness of all muscle groups on right side. Effects most marked in hand and arm affecting all activities of daily living, severe, frequent, unpredictable and incapacitating epileptic attacks and significant learning problems.

Award: £1 million (agreed damages to be structured)

Judge: Mr Justice Tucker

Plaintiff's solicitors: Field Fisher Waterhouse

Defendant's solicitors: Paterson & Co

Connor v Hanthill Engineering – QBD 19 October 1995

Claimant: Michael Connor, 4Accident: Factory foreman fell through an unfenced hole in working area.

Injuries: Severe fracture damage to right heel bone with obliteration of talo-calcaneal articulation, bruising of right elbow, in hospital for weekend and then mobilised on crutches. Underwent physiotherapy afterwards due to after effects of extreme pain, depression and irritability. He has been prevented from playing golf or going walking and claims that his sex life has been reduced.

Award: £150,000 (agreed damages)

Judge: Judge Rivlin QC

Plaintiff's solicitors: M Sudlow, Chatham