IP specialists join forces with Boodles

THE TWO-PARTNER practice set up by intellectual property expert David Llewelyn last year is signing up with West End firm Boodle Hatfield.

Llewelyn, who left McKenna & Co with Clive Zietman to launch Llewelyn Zietman, said the association would give his practice more clients and resources. He added Llewelyn Zietman would benefit from additional clients and resources, while Boodles would gain corporate and commercial expertise.

“In our first year we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,” he said. “I have always thought there is room for strategic alliances between firms below the top six.”

Andrew Drake, a corporate services partner at Boodles, said the firm's new allies were ideal for providing specialist intellectual property advice.

“The speed at which Llewelyn Zietman have grown since they were established shows them to be an exceptionally talented partnership for this type of work. Our association gives us, at a stroke, access to a team of specialist lawyers, who provide an added dimension to the services we offer.”