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Canadian product stewardship and epr: a review of 2021 and beyond

Provincial governments (and non-governmental agencies) have been busy implementing various innovative waste management programs to divert waste away from landfills. In 2021, important changes were implemented across all product categories, including tires, batteries, electronic products, packaging and printed paper, beverage containers, and hazardous and special products. Key changes include: i) new programs in jurisdictions that formerly did not have programs, ii) expanded product lists for existing programs, iii) shifts from product stewardship models to extended producer responsibility (“EPR”) models, and iv) expanded regulatory enforcement mechanisms and activity.

Future of work: Future of flexibility

Without doubt, the traditional employment relationship has changed. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact, the changing nature of the employment relationship has been taking place for several years. But what does this mean for employers?

Domestic CCTV: are you compliant?

The use of smart security devices and domestic CCTV systems is becoming increasingly common. If you use security cameras and similar devices in your home, data protection law may apply and it’s important to know your legal obligations.


Scots go to Europe

A 20-member Scottish delegation, including the president and vice-president of the Law Society of Scotland, will visit the European institutions and the UK’s Brussels-based Permanent Representation Unit later this month. The two-day visit, to be held on St Andrew’s Day and 1 December, is the third in a series organised by the joint Brussels office […]

In brief: Courts win power to confiscate profits

Courts are now able to confiscate profits gained through “serious and acquisitive crime” by persistent offenders following the enforcement last week of the Proceeds of Crime Act 1995. The Act means criminals face losing their homes, cars and possessions if courts believe they have been bought with the proceeds of crime. “It cannot be right […]

In brief: Law Soc warns of house transfer dangers

The Law Society has issued guidelines to solicitors stressing the need for comprehensive legal advice for older people considering giving their homes to relatives or friends. Many older people seek to transfer property to avoid paying the cost of residential or nursing home care in the future. However, the society warns there are a number […]


Judges bear the brunt of suspicion. They have been accused of using their membership to climb the judicial ladder and favouring counsel, defendants or plaintiffs who are fellow masons. Lord Justice Millett, a freemason since 1968, is a member of the Chancery Bar Lodge. He said: “I was asked if I would like to be […]

Bring on the subs

As many lawyers will be aware, employment trends have changed dramatically in the past couple of years; job security is no longer guaranteed and employers are increasingly recruiting staff on a contract basis. The flexibility which the short-term market offers is highly attractive to employers, enabling them to deal more effectively with unpredictable workloads and […]

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