Got a problem? Ask the family

LIVERPOOL solicitor Kash Mahmood is sitting on a potential new market after the destruction of an old one.

The Abenson & Co assistant was called in by his market trader father Shafqat after the premises he sold from were gutted by fire.

And the family connection may provide further business, as 18 of his father's fellow traders have already contacted Kash for advice.

The fire broke out last month – when the Merseyside fire service was on strike – at the indoor market in the city's Norris Green suburb.

An estimated £1.25 million worth of damage was caused when flames destroyed the roof and building fabric, and smoke damaged the remainder of the building.

A blaze damaged the same building several years ago and traders fear that the protracted arguments over insurance payouts might be repeated.

They sought legal advice to negotiate temporary premises with the owners Liverpool City Council and to secure quick payment of compensation.

Fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the blaze.