FT puts business information on-line

Financial Times Information has launched its new on-line product FT Discovery.

Targeted at the corporate network user, the product has been designed for Windows and Windows 95 applications and can be accessed by telephone dial-up or the Internet.

The service, either network or stand-alone PC-based, draws on information from the Financial Times Group's intellectual property as well as other sources. Information can be accessed and cross-referenced using hypertext links.

Donald Smith, director of Financial Times Information said: "The majority of on-line business information services available to date have been aimed at the information professional.

"FT Discovery is unique in that it has been created for the business user. It is totally flexible. You don't have to think in a strait-jacket, you just choose a company or industry sector which you are interested in and click on the mouse."

There is a fixed price on the core service of £100 per month, per user with six added modules available, including "newswires" which involves breaking news stories which are updated every few minutes, at the customer's discretion.