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Canadian product stewardship and epr: a review of 2021 and beyond

Provincial governments (and non-governmental agencies) have been busy implementing various innovative waste management programs to divert waste away from landfills. In 2021, important changes were implemented across all product categories, including tires, batteries, electronic products, packaging and printed paper, beverage containers, and hazardous and special products. Key changes include: i) new programs in jurisdictions that formerly did not have programs, ii) expanded product lists for existing programs, iii) shifts from product stewardship models to extended producer responsibility (“EPR”) models, and iv) expanded regulatory enforcement mechanisms and activity.

Future of work: Future of flexibility

Without doubt, the traditional employment relationship has changed. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact, the changing nature of the employment relationship has been taking place for several years. But what does this mean for employers?

Domestic CCTV: are you compliant?

The use of smart security devices and domestic CCTV systems is becoming increasingly common. If you use security cameras and similar devices in your home, data protection law may apply and it’s important to know your legal obligations.



Freemasonry’s roots are ancient but poorly documented. However, historians can trace the organisation almost continuously back to the 16th Century. It evolved out of associations of stone masons who grouped together, possibly to control trade and help each other in times of hardship. Links with stonework remain. Masons believe in a Supreme Being, which they […]


Ashurst Morris Crisp acted for the Electronics Boutique

Lawyers and accountants slug it out over figures

LAWYERS and accountants are to climb into the ring to wrestle over a major issue dividing the two professions. The issue this time is a technical, rather than cultural, one. It focuses on a tiny but hugely significant accounting rule which accountants and lawyers interpret differently. The rule, put out by the Accounting Standards Board […]

Prague hit by wave of job moves

THE PRAGUE legal market is seeing increased activity as leading US lawyers switch allegiance to rival employers. In recent months a number of top US practices have suffered partnership losses in the Czech Republic, including Dewey Ballantine, White & Case and Squire, Sanders & Dempsey Earlier this year, Squire Sanders lost Jan Matejcek to White […]

In brief: Biddle & Co handles libel writ

Biddle & Co is acting for Frank Dick, former British Athletics Federation director of coaching, in a libel and slander action against The Sunday Times. The firm is claiming damages and an injunction against the paper and former sprinter Drew McMaster over an article about the supply of anabolic steroids.

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