£1.Interview sparks new Lowe row

A BIRMINGHAM Post interview which reports former Solicitors Complaints Bureau head Veronica Lowe attacking Martin Mears has brought her pay-off back under question.

There is speculation that the interview, in which Lowe is reported to have claimed Mears had “little familiarity” with the bureau, may have breached a confidentiality agreement in her £90,000 severance package.

But The Lawyer understands that the Law Society president will not be taking advantage of the interview to renew his attack on Lowe's pay-off.

Instead he will be looking into the possibility of tightening up the terms of the confidentiality agreement in her severance package to prevent further embarrassing incidents.

Last week the president and secretary general John Hayes met to discuss the matter but nothing was resolved. Lowe herself was off sick.

The Post article, which appeared on 28 October, said Lowe “strongly disagreed” with the president's plans to bring the SCB back in-house.

It quotes her as saying: “If we opt for less independence I firmly believe that solicitors will lose self-regulation and it will happen under the next Labour government.”