It’s been a bad week for…

Gay men. The UK’s first gay couple to father surrogate children are facing a long legal battle to keep the children in the country. Immigration officials have refused to grant the US-born twins official entry into the UK. Barrie Drewitt and Tony Barlow were stunned when they were told their children were not allowed to stay in the UK permanently. The babies were conceived using donor eggs from a woman and sperm from one of the gay men that was then carried by a second woman.

School bullies. A father has contacted his lawyers about suing his daughter’s primary school for failing to protect her from the playground bully. He claims the school is legally bound to have a bullying policy and that Education Secretary David Blunkett could force it to implement one. Head teacher Jane Ratcliff admitted the school only has a draft policy on bullying. The father may have a case. In 1996 Sebastian Sharp, then 20, was awarded £30,000 damages from his former school in London after suing it for failing to protect him from bullies.

Lawyers with sexual fantasies. A solicitor who worked for the Disability Law Service in London was dismissed for keeping an explicit diary of sexual fantasies on an office computer. After her dismissal Joan Grant claimed she was the victim of sexual and racial discrimination, but lost her case against her former employees. Grant is now thinking of becoming a sexual fantasist novelist and setting up a mediation law centre for homosexuals.