God help City lawyers trying to get a cab anywhere near London Wall. Apparently one can't be found for love nor money because they're all lined up outside Clifford Chance.

Not to be foiled by this little problem, a rather smart Camerons assistant came up with a clever solution. He decided to saunter down to the doors of Clifford Chance and, taking careful note of the surname listed on the cabby's board, leap in claiming he was the Clifford Chance lawyer in question. After redirecting the cabby to his home address, he'd then sit back and enjoy the ride courtesy of Clifford Chance. A true stroke of genius.

Apparently, Camerons' management did not discover the assistant's cunning ploy until after he'd left the City firm. “Otherwise he'd have been dealt with accordingly,” the relevant Camerons partner told Tulkinghorn with a wry smile. Tulkinghorn assumes that means he would have won some kind of award for most promising assistant of the year.