Carnelutti reshuffle aims to mimic the Anglo-Saxons

Italian firm Carnelutti has bolted on a litigation practice in Rome and is continuing to overhaul its management in an effort to create a more Anglo-Saxon-structured firm

Corporate and commercial litigator Massimo Mellaro has joined the partnership along with three associates from his own practice.

But the firm has also lost its real estate head Nicoletta Portalupi, who is understood to have set up her own practice in Milan. Carnelutti has promoted Guido Alberto Inzaghi to the partnership to fill the role.

Meanwhile, managing partner Luca Arnaboldi has been appointed to the new role of vice-chairman to Marino Bastianini.

“I can now substitute the chairman in his role as spokesperson, call partner meetings and basically be the ultimate dispute resolver among the partners,” said Arnaboldi. “We're continuing our efforts to organise operations in an Anglo-Saxon way. We introduced a new governance structure three years ago and we're now continuing that. We're evolving in a more structured way.”

Arnaboldi retains his managing partner responsibilities, but the roles are likely to be split between two partners in the future.