Rich diet

When Tulkinghorn was young, food was beef and potatoes followed by bread and butter. Choice was rather limited then. Now it seems that the younger generation is overwhelmed by the multitude of frivolous foreign foods available in restaurants.
Take the children of Bird & Bird chief executive David Kerr, for example. Living in Chelsea, on the doorstep of Conran's Bluebird Restaurant, the little Kerrs are taken out to dinner nearly every night. But all they want is to have dinner around the table at home, like everybody else. Kerr, who often visits his neighbourhood Starbucks as an alternative to making coffee in his own kitchen, is self-confessedly confused.
He says his wife wants to cook sometimes, but it gets complicated when “you have to do things with eggs”. Tulkinghorn extends his sympathy to the poor mites, and hopes there is a suitable treatment for their childhood affluenza available on Bird & Bird's corporate family healthcare scheme.