Denton Wilde Sapte has gained a place on the magic-circle dominated UK panel of Electronic Data Systems (EDS), the largest outsourcing supplier in the US.

EDS, which is neck-and-neck in the global outsourcing stakes with IBM, has historically used Allen & Overy (A&O) as its sole commercial adviser. It also uses Clifford Chance for banking work. Dentons is now sharing the role of main commercial adviser with A&O.
This coup for Dentons is down to its lateral hire of EDS senior solicitor Daniel Burge, who the firm has just appointed as a partner.
“We've been added to the EDS panel,” said Burge. “A&O were the main lawyers for commercial work, and Clifford Chance does the company's banking work. We've now gained the role of main adviser, shared with A&O. EDS is a new client for Dentons and a big client for the firm.”

“EDS is a new client for Dentons and a big client for the firm”
Daniel Burge, Dentons

A&O's Laurence Jacobs, the main relationship partner, said: “I'm aware Dentons has taken some of the work so we expect to work with them.”
Burge expects the relationship between A&O and Dentons to remain amicable. “I'm very fond of Laurence and there are some matters we will be working on together,” Burge said.
Burge has joined Dentons as a partner in its technology, media and telecoms (TMT) group, led by Tony Grant. Burge was a senior solicitor at EDS for three-and-a-half years. Burge admits that his EDS connection made him a sought-after player in the market.