Hugh Williams (The Lawyer, 24 November) asks how the cost of publishing the Solicitors Indemnity Fund's quarterly newsletter can be justified. In response, I have no difficulty in approving expenditure that enables the profession's own indemnity scheme to keep in touch with those it serves.

SIF in Focus achieves a number of aims. First, it disseminates risk management information which contributes to the profession's risk awareness and provides direct assistance on the more common pitfalls that can lead to expensive and distressing claims.

Equally important is the information it provides on major developments within the fund, of which all firms need to be aware. Further, as one of the major players in the PI market, SIF can and should make a significant contribution to the profession's understanding of developments in claims liabilities.

On the indemnity debate, I make no apology for our contribution. For months, the profession has been inundated with messages from those opposed to SIF and from those in the commercial market who are seeking to take over the business, many of which have been inaccurate or misleading. The facts about mutuality and its benefits, whether achieved through SIF or some other vehicle, cannot be ignored simply because the loudest voices belong to those wishing to return to the market.

On cost, if the risk management articles alone help to save the profession just one or two claims, our outlay will have been covered.

The newsletter has received an overwhelmingly positive response since its introduction.

Elizabeth Mullins, managing director, Solicitors Indemnity Fund