It has been a bad week for…

Veteran real estate lawyer H Harding Brown (no, seriously, that really is his name), who faces paying out $US5m for legal malpractice. An American court found that the real estate deal he was working on went sour after Harding Brown went on holiday, leaving the complex transaction in the hands of a junior.

Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC, who is being sued by two of the Birmingham Six after he alleged that the case against them for a 1974 pub bombing was not the miscarriage of justice it was held to be.

The English language, with a new legal phrase entering the lexicon. "Doing a Mansfield" (as in left-wing QC Michael Mansfield), according to one London newspaper, is when you turn up to a highly fashionable mid-week dinner party half way through, and apologise for being late because you were caught up at chambers. Others might call it being unfashionably late.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, which the Channel 4 Dispatches programme accused of allowing solicitors found guilty of mishandling money to continue practising.

After a flurry of legal activity, work winds down and the party season winds up. Activities such as Clifford Chance's Christmas karaoke evening make you pleased that Christmas comes but once a year.