Thames barriers

SJ Berwin has moved, at last, from its traditional stomping ground of 222 Gray’s Inn Road to new trendy Thames-side offices. And, true to form, the firm had a press party (well, a glass of wine and a sausage on a stick) to celebrate the move to the river.

But perhaps the unwary hacks who made the effort to tramp out to the bash should have read the warning signs. The firm couldn’t even get the directions to its new offices right – the helpful link on the emailed invitation was to Gray’s Inn Road, not the river.

Despite SJ Berwin’s best efforts, the resourceful hacks found the new gaff and were treated to a tour. This included a look at the fourth-floor rooftop garden area, complete with unfinished decking and ‘No entry’ and ‘Out of bounds’ signs.

That didn’t stop managing partner Ralph Cohen, who took his tour group out beyond the rope to the building’s edge, only to get a roasting from building designers Overbury. That’s leadership.