From the latest setbacks for the Wembley Stadium project to the Treasury’s announcement in the Budget about the introduction of a new investment vehicle, property is never far from making a splash across the headlines of the UK press. Meanwhile, law firms across the City have been scrambling to make the most of the introduction of real estate investment trusts (Reits) ever since Chancellor Gordon Brown appeased the industry and made them an attractive proposition.

This Property Special Report takes a magnifying glass to the issues that are keeping property in the public eye.

The Lawyer analyses the issues facing construction lawyers as they attempt to learn from Wembley Stadium’s lessons ahead of the 2012 Olympic construction programme. It also examines the difficulties faced by planning lawyers as they grapple with development restrictions and the process of regenerating sites across the capital.

Of course, there is big money to be made out of property, and the green light for UK Reits saw a spike in the share prices for the likes of British Land. The Lawyer looks at the challenges that lie ahead and how lawyers can best position themselves to overcome them.