Making in-house a home

I am writing in response to the recent comment made by one lawyer in ‘Axa and Norwich Union hatch plan to axe firms from panel’ (The Lawyer, 20 March), that “the problem with going in-house is that you can’t get quality lawyers”.

I totally disagree with this comment. I am an in-house litigation lawyer for a multinational company, specialising in the litigation of asset finance and I have come across many good quality in-house litigation lawyers who have moved in-house for numerous reasons.

What a lot of lawyers fail to realise is that there are many advantages of becoming an in-house lawyer, one of which is that you get your life back by working sociable hours.

You also gain hands-on experience of the way a business is run, with the opportunity to develop into other areas.

Personally, I cannot see myself going back into private practice, and I would say to any lawyer that is considering an in-house litigation role that they should seriously weigh up the benefits of doing so.

Sandy Sadhra