Web Week

The Lawyer’s Web Week is a weekly commentary on legal activity on the web. This includes an overview of the best of the week’s blogs. If you want to direct us to useful links, email webweek@thelawyer.com.

Snake guise
Prospective clients of Shadbolt Law may be persuaded to look ­elsewhere if they rely on Google as a means of finding information.

Type Shadbolts into Google and the first link you’ll get is an Introduction to Shadbolt/Law (as it has rebranded itself).

Rather than revealing why Shadbolt should be instructed, you are taken to to a description of the Collett’s Snake.

“The Colletts Snake [sic] is one of Australia’s most attractive but rarest of snakes, solely limited to central Queensland, where it lives inland, away from non-swampy and dry areas,” it states. “It is active both during the day and night, particularly after the summer rains, and feeds mainly on lizards, snakes and other small animals.”

Does Shadbolt have an Australian outpost in the Queensland bush? Er, no. Are its lawyers active ­during the day and night? We can but imagine.

Let’s hope prospective clients stick with the site long enough to redirect to the home page.

Taco rebel
Hungry Los Angeles lawyers will be pleased to hear that the LA ­County Superior Court ­overturned an ordinance that made it a ­“misdemeanour” to park a taco truck in one spot for more than an hour.

According to http://blogs.wsj.com/law Judge Dennis Aichroh said the ordinance was unconstitutional and not properly established to be in the interest of public safety.

This was a coup for lawyer Philip Greenwald, who acted for plaintiff Margarita Garcia, as well as 9,000 taco-loving ­signatories of a petition expressing outrage at such pernickety health and safety obsessives.