Location key to female career progression at Clifford Chance

Location key to female career progression at <a class=Clifford Chance” />Female career progression varies dramatically across jurisdictions at Clifford Chance, the firm’s first corporate responsibility report reveals.

The report, published officially on Monday (8 September), highlights that while as many as 25.5 per cent of Asian partners are female, just 6.3 per cent in central and eastern Europe are.

Career opportunities for women in London and Dubai, which are counted as one entry, are close to Clifford Chance’s global average with 16.8 per cent of partners across the offices female.

The average is 15.4 per cent. This is slightly below the UK top 100’s average of 19.4 per cent.

By contrast, almost three quarters of the traditionally less well paid business services staff are female, with as many as 84.4 per cent of central and eastern European business services staff being women.

Global managing partner David Childs (pictured) said: “Getting a better balance is a very big issue, but we don’t have simple answers to it.”

Childs added that the firm would set clearer targets internally for male to female ratios, as well as rolling out women’s networks in jurisdictions other than London and the US.

Clifford Chance’s CR report also includes detailed breakdowns on ethnic minorities in the London and US offices, descriptions of pro bono activities, as well as an audited carbon footprint.