Getting on your Wiki

Tulkinghorn was gripped by professional envy when one of his scribes discovered that Ashurst’s latest hire, Abradat Kamalpour, who joins the firm from Dechert, has his very own Wikipedia page.

This is a far greater honour than that afforded to Mr Tulkinghorn ­himself, who is surely a character of far greater legal and historical ­significance (no offence intended to his ­honourable solicitor friend).

According to the all-knowing Wiki fairies, Kamalpour is a “structured finance and capital ­markets lawyer based in the City of London, ­England. He was recently recognised as one of the top lawyers in finance in London by The Lawyer magazine’s Hot 100 ­rankings.”

Tulkinghorn, by ­contrast, is described in Wikipedia’s Bleak House entry as “menacing”, “nefarious” and “watchful”, as well as being a ­“scheming, manipulative monster of a man”. Artistic licence, surely.

One wonders what Kamalpour’s new bosses, Ashurst senior partner Geoffrey Green and ­managing partner Simon Bromwich (neither of whom have Wikipedia pages), will make of their new colleague’s fame. ­Perhaps they’ll look into uploading Wiki entries on themselves.

As a firm spokesperson said: “Everyone at Ashurst should have their own Wikipedia page.”