Clip crop

Addleshaw Goddard’s facilities department has made a boo-boo by accidentally ordering 10,000 paperclips that were “not of the quality [they] normally receive”.

Rather than suing the supplier, which won’t take the clips back, the firm has instead enlisted its corporate social responsibility (CSR) team to find a way to recycle them rather than chucking four-odd kilograms of twisted metal into the nearest bin. And so ‘The 10,000 Paperclip Challenge – You Know it’s Nonsense’ programme was born.

Send your ideas to CSR@addleshawgoddard. com. First prize for the most creative entry, Tulkinghorn hears, is 10,000 paperclips.

(Tulkinghorn’s idea: give the paperclips to hapless trainees and laugh maniacally as they struggle pitifully with substandard stationary. Hours of fun.)