Fantastic Mr Fax

Another exclusive for Tulkinghorn: KLegal has a new managing partner. In a shock move, Steven Winters, formerly the director of document delivery (or the guy who ran the fax room) has been promoted right to the top of the ladder.
Previous incumbent of the managing partner's role Nick Holt will make it a straight swap by relocating to the fax room. The reason this isn't front page news on The Lawyer, of course, is that the pair only swapped roles for a day, because KLegal's a community, man. Nevertheless, Tulkinghorn was bemused by how quickly our Mr Holt was able to reduce his duties to (in his own words) “other high-value added services, such as gossiping with marketing, running the Fantasy Football League and talking to Kieran Dignan [whoever he may be].” In his first edict as the so-called director of document delivery, Holt demands that rather than do the job he has been tasked with, he has initiated a new service called 'for fax sake', which essentially requires all lawyers to come and collect their own faxes. Now, that's really going to engender a community spirit.