Chaffes fills gap left by Hammonds captures

Hammond Suddards Edge has taken on Chaffe Street employment partner Ian Tranter for its Manchester office and he in turn has been replaced by Lopian Wagner employment partner Paul Chamberlain.
“There's been a flurry of lateral hires following Tranter's departure, according to the recruiters I've been talking to,” said Chamberlain. “One assistant left with him, and I took an assistant with me to Chaffe Street.”
Tranter and his assistant were the only members of Chaffes' employment team and Chamberlain said that the firm was planning to keep its employment practice to just the two lawyers.
Chamberlain's move also saw some of his clients follow him. “But I didn't ask them to come, they simply chose to move,” he said. Among them was trade association The Employment Agents Movement (Team), which had no previous relationship with Chaffes.
“As I was Team's main adviser,” added Chamberlain, “it was fitting that the work moved with me.”
Chaffes' existing employment clients have all chosen to stay. “I'certainly not aware of any clients following Tranter to Hammonds,” said Chamberlain.