Separated at birth

She was sleepless in Seattle, she was the Sally who met Harry and she was addicted to love. But it is as SJ Berwin‘s new female partner this year that Meg Ryan is taking on her toughest role yet. Playing the part of ‘feisty litigation partner Nicola Bridge’, Ryan has to battle the prejudices of a male-dominated world while defending the rights of a client everyone thinks is guilty, but in whom she alone believes. Probably. It’s not known whether there is a repeat of her famous café scene in When Harry Met Sally, only in a courtroom this time. Let’s hope not, for the sake of all those sensitive SJ Berwin souls.

Which partner at a US firm was overheard moaning to a ticket tout: “£1,250 for an Arsenal v Barcelona ticket? I’m not bloody working at Skadden Arps, you know.”?